Kutch, Gujarat : Little Rann of Kutch | Horn please, OK?

Kutch, Gujarat : Little Rann of Kutch

Day 2 : Modhera -> Zainabad ->Little Rann of Kutch
When : February 2014 | How far : 76 kms | How long : 2hrs 15 mins

The Little Rann of Kutch ain't so little

Yes, we're still on Day 2. No, the days aren't longer in Gujarat.Yes, we know how to pack it in.

Its easy to find the energy when there's an open top jeep waiting to take you for a ride through the Rann.

Wild thing. You make my heart sing. 
To think that we crossed state borders to go look at an ass. No ordinary ass though.

The Little Rann of Kutch or LRK as its affectionately known (also 'choti rann') is home to the endangered Asiatic Wild Ass. Its endangered not because its coveted by anyone but because of a virus that's been silently killing them off.

The LRK is a marshland spread over 100 square kms, with splotches of water and pockets of wildlife. A great place for bird enthusiasts and a delight for anybody dabbling in wildlife photography.

We weren't smart enough to carry a zoom lens and learnt an important lesson in when not to depend on an iPhone camera. This is evident from the photographs below

Travel tip : The LRK is best seen early in the morning between 6-10am or late afternoon between 3-7pm. And don't forget that camera of yours! 

Wild ass sightings 

Nilgais. Known to be nervous creatures, they took one look at our jeep and ran for cover. The local farmers consider them pests because they sneak into sugarcane farms in the village and destroy the crops. Who ever thought that the Nilgai had a sweet tooth!

Salt pans dot the landscape. Villagers from surrounding villages work as contract farmers and live in the Rann during the summer season.

The parched LRK terrain. Its softer and more treacherous than it looks. Something we learnt the hard way the very next day.

The safari ended with a glorious sunset. An unobstructed view of the sun getting swallowed by the horizon

A tiring day, well spent. 

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