Travel preparations abound | Horn please, OK?

Travel preparations abound

Packing is hard work! This is what we've got so far

- munchies
- lots and lots of energy drinks
-laptop and dongle (to keep you updated)
-oodles of sunscreen
-steam iron (more on that later)

So we're prepared for all kinds of weather, except snow. But considering that its coastal India in summer, it seems like a safe bet!

And that's our route map for the next 7 days. We're just hoping Google maps doesn't let us down.

Bangalore- > Pondicherry -> Mahabalipuram - > Pondicherry- >Rameshwaram- > Kanyakumari->Kovalam -> Varkala-> Kannur-> Mangalore-> Bangalore


Wish us luck and send us tips on stuff worth checking out enroute

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Day 3 -> Pondicherry to Rameswaram
Day 4 -> Rameswaram to Kovalam
Day 5 -> Kovalam to Varkala
Day 6 -> Varkala to Kannur
Day 7 -> Kannur to Bangalore 

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