Horn please, OK?
Day 1 : Delhi to Rampur, Himachal Pradesh 
When : July 2015 | How far : 480 kms | How long : 12 hrs 

We love living in Singapore. Its 2 hours away from some of the world's best beaches. But you know what they say about too much of a good thing? It makes you run for the mountains. 

Not exactly and we may have mixed up our idioms there. But the point is, we were looking forward to a trip that involved more than lying about on the beach. And boy did we get what we asked for! 

Day 8 : Bundi to Gurgaon
When : January 2015 | How far : 450 kms | How long : 8 hrs 

Bundi Palace Miniature Paintings
Painted ceiling inside Bundi Palace
Bundi isn't one of Rajasthan's crown jewels and it doesn't feature on the state's list of tourist places. Its been saved from total obscurity by a 300 year old art gallery, Chitrashala at the Garh Palace, every inch of which is covered with exquisite frescoes.  
Day 7 : Chittorgarh to Bundi
When : January 2015 | How far : 210 kms | How long : 3.5 hrs 

Kumbha Palace, Chittorgarh

Chittorgarh was to Rajasthan what King's Landing is to Westeros, minus the good weather. Its the star of Rajasthan's historical monuments and today we were going to find out why. 
Day 6 : Jodhpur to Chittorgarh via Kumbhalgarh
When : January 2015 | How far : 415 kms | How long : 7 hrs 

Ram Pol at Kumbhalgarh Fort

Roadtrips are exciting because they're full of possibility. You can plan them to the T but there's always a chance things won't go to plan. And that's when they're the most fun.

Day 5 :  Jodhpur The Blue City
When : December 2014 

A palace within Mehrangarh Fort
Day 4 : Jaisalmer to Jodhpur via Pokhran
When : December 2014 | How far : 285 kms | How long : 4.5 hrs 

Jaisalmer Fort shines golden under the setting sun
The Golden Fort at Jaisalmer
Day 3 : Sam Sand Dunes to Jaisalmer via Kuldhara
When : December 2014 | How far : 52 kms | How long : 1.5 hrs 

What do we like most about road trips?
The unexpected discoveries along the way.

Day 2 : Bikaner -> Sam Sand Dunes
When : December 2014 | How far : 360 kms | How long : 4 hrs 

Rajasthan has something for every kind of traveller, except for the beach bum.
Not the best way to get a tan but if sun and sand are what you're after, this is the right place!

The Route :
Day 1 : Delhi -> Bikaner
Day 2 : Bikaner -> Sam Sand Dunes
Day 3 : Sam Sand Dunes -> Jaisalmer
Day 4 : Jaisalmer - > Jodhpur
Day 6 : Jodhpur -> Chittorgarh
Day 7 : Chittorgarh -> Bundi
Day 8 : Bundi -> Delhi

When : December 2014 | How far : 2400 kms | How long : 8 Days

The entrance to Haveli Nadine Le Prince
The beautiful havelis of the Shekhawati region in Rajasthan
The route map

Rajasthan road trip route map

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